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7 Recipes for Healthy Snacks on the Go! {portable and delicious!}

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Summer is always such an exciting time of year.

School is out, the kids are off to their various summer camps, the days get longer, and sun is shining!

We all know as summer gets into full swing, our days get a lot busier. Don’t let that keep you from your regular eating habits. Here are seven recipes for healthy snacks on the go to always keep you fueled throughout your day. Never let yourself be hungry when you’re out and about doing your summer activities! Grab one of these delicious and nutritious snacks to keep you going all day long. You’ll thank yourself later for always having one of these recipes around in your house – your family will, too!

From healthy crackers to snack on to egg frittatas for breakfast, it’s all portable and ready for you on the go – wherever you plan on going this summer!

Homemade Hemp Heart Crackers

Homemade hemp heart crackers are frugal, easy, and tasty — the best of all worlds. Pack a few in lunch boxes for a crunchy snack. They’re great served with slices of cheese or some of our Wilderness Family Naturals nut butter!

Superfood Popcorn Snack Bars {gluten-free, vegan}

Skip the microwaveable popcorn and use Wildly Organic Popcorn Kernels to make these superfood popcorn snack bars. These are the perfect portable snack! Great to pack in lunches, snacks for your purse, picnics, road trips, and more! Grab and go to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Easy Grain-Free Chocolate Quinoa Muffins

These grain-free chocolate quinoa muffins are so easy, which makes them great for breakfast on the go or a snack to fuel you throughout the day. With superfood ingredients like raw cacao, quinoa, and coconut oil, you can’t go wrong!

5-Minute Paleo Spicy Glazed Cashews

These 5-minute paleo spicy glazed cashews are the perfect quick and easy healthy snack on the go. Sweet, salty, with a kick. You’ll want to keep eating this healthy paleo and vegan snack!

Raspberry Chocolate Fat Bombs {low-carb, keto-friendly, & vegan!}

Fat bombs are a great source of energy, containing healthy fats like coconut oil. They’re naturally sweetened, low in carbs, and won’t raise your blood sugar. You’ll love having these raspberry chocolate fat bombs in the afternoon for a quick boost of energy!

Nut-Free & Nourishing Tropical Twist Trail Mix

Yes, we all know trail mix is a snack time classic, but have you tried this nut-free trail mix with a tropical twist? The recipe uses WFN’s Freeze-Dried MangoesGoji Berries, and Coconut Chips! Take one bite and you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a beach basking in the sunshine!

Omega 3-Rich Salmon, Feta and Spinach Mini Frittatas (with a secret ingredient!)

Don’t forget to eat breakfast when you’re out and about during the summer with activities all day! Fuel up with these omega-3 rich salmon, feta, and spinach mini frittatas. Take your breakfast wherever you go with these little portable egg frittatas.

Do you always have healthy snacks to take with you when life gets busy? What’s your favorite snack when you’re on the go?

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